About Us

Tech Care for all is a digital health company that owns and commercializes digital health solutions in Africa and Asia.

Tech Care for all is a digital health company that develops and commercializes digital health solutions in Africa and Asia.

We aspire to become a market leader in a fast-growing marketplace. Digital health in Africa is poised to grow from about USD 450 M in 2020 to USD 750M by 2024. In India alone, the digital health market in 2020 is valued at about USD 1.5 B and growing at 20 percent or more.

We aspire to be a key contributor to the achievement of Global Goal 3, universal access to healthcare. We therefore focus both on the technology and on the accompanying transformation of health ecosystems. We work across the three sectors of government, for-profit and not-for-profit to drive an integrated approach.

Through our solutions, we improve outcomes in conditions of major public health importance, along the entire patient journey, from wellness and prevention to treatment and follow-up. 2020 has been a period of exponential growth. Already we have more than 30,000 users on our flagship Medical Learning Hub and our reach surpasses 120,000 healthcare providers across India and sub-Saharan Africa.

This is how we generate success – for patients and families, and for the company.

We are a team of senior leaders with unique combined experience in healthcare delivery, technology and global public health, from both private and public sectors.

We invest time and energy to design technologies with the best potential to drive transformative impact across Africa and Asia.

We have built a portfolio of digital health solutions through licensed-in technologies that we localize, our own proprietary technologies, and high-impact solutions that we scale in partnership with their developers. We are committed to principles of global access.

Our technologies cover the entire patient journey and are designed for the local health IT ecosystem.

We are the chosen partner for digital health entrepreneurs who want to drive positive change in Africa and Asia.

We are the chosen partner for African and Asian entrepreneurs who want to transform health.