Letter from India CEO

Healthcare, always a knowledge intensive & highly dynamic field, is in the midst of a technologic revolution. Tech Care for All (TC4A), where I serve as India CEO, is introducing powerful technologies that will transform the delivery of healthcare in India, dramatically increasing both the quality of care &—crucially to our core value—its accessibility. We have built a portfolio of sophisticated telemedicine solutions, peer to peer medical training, intuitive online/offline electronic health records (EHR) & highly affordable patient apps, all specifically tailored for the unique needs of the Indian healthcare ecosystem. By creating positive societal impact, we will build a successful company.

TC4A supports our India business through a global network of outstanding professionals who share a profound commitment to make the world a fairer place when it comes to meeting people’s health needs. We are fortunate to have a team that unites extensive national & international experience in pharmaceuticals, technology, healthcare delivery & diagnostics, consulting, regulatory affairs, business development, product innovation, manufacturing, financials & strategy. Through our offices in Europe, USA, Africa & Asia, we also provide businesses in India an opportunity to expand internationally in health-technology or strategize their next health tech vertical.

I’m also acutely aware of the privilege & responsibility that come with being a part of the medical community, & am committed to running a business that focuses on addressing unmet needs. We constantly remind ourselves that behind every piece of data generated through our systems, there is a family who has trusted us. We take health care personally & we go the extra mile to find the best possible answer for our customers.

This also means that you--our business partners, current & prospective customers--can rely on each of us at TC4A, irrespective of role, to behave as part of an ethical medical practice where we are each personally committed to ensuring the best possible service for you & the patients you serve.

Tech Care for All will strive to make sure you meet both your clinical & business goals. Together, we will achieve the ultimate aim: better health for patients & communities.


Dr Sachin Malhotra, Ph.D.