At Tech Care for All we believe Telemedicine is a key component to increase healthcare access and deliver affordable care to the hardest to reach and poorest populations.



With more than 2200 installations worldwide, our robust & award winning ReMeDi© solution is a leading telemedicine platform that enables easy access to the hardest-to-reach areas.

The solution captures multiple physiological and clinical parameters that enable a rich virtual consultation between doctor and patient. ReMeDi’s technology has been extensively validated for both clinical accuracy and quality of medical data.

  • Providers and physicians : Reach patients in remote areas with ease. Provide specialist coverage at your clinic.
  • Medical institutions and hospitals : Expand services cost-effectively, grow your specialist network, develop telemedicine consultation clinics in untapped population areas, allow community outreach through telemedicine that facilitates consultation with your physician.
  • Industry : Reach patients in remote “last mile” locations. Make CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives more meaningful and impactful by setting up telemedicine centers through us.

ReMeDi™ Trademark and Solution belongs to Neurosynaptic Communication Pvt Ltd.