At Tech Care for All we believe Telemedicine is a key component to increase healthcare access and deliver affordable care to the hardest to reach and poorest populations.

  • Providers and physicians : Reach patients in remote areas with ease. Provide specialist coverage at your clinic.
  • Medical institutions and hospitals : Expand services cost-effectively, grow your specialist network, develop telemedicine consultation clinics in untapped population areas, allow community outreach through telemedicine that facilitates consultation with your physician.
  • Industry : Reach patients in remote “last mile” locations. Make CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives more meaningful and impactful by setting up telemedicine centers through us.


With more than 2200 installations worldwide, our robust & award winning ReMeDi© solution is a leading telemedicine platform that enables easy access to the hardest-to-reach areas.

The solution captures multiple physiological and clinical parameters that enable a rich virtual consultation between doctor and patient. ReMeDi’s technology has been extensively validated for both clinical accuracy and quality of medical data.

ReMeDi™ Trademark and Solution belongs to Neurosynaptic Communication Pvt Ltd.



HealthCube offers a wide range of vital, blood, urine and infectious disease parameters allowing you to objectively assessing your patient’s health within minutes in your clinic.

You can make a more informed, data led patient health status decision to initiate further investigations, procedures and treatments while saving time and costs to patients.

HealthCube has been designed with careful consideration of all your diagnostic needs. The platform has integrated, in a single instrument, many essential diagnostic parameters to assist you in timely diagnosis.

The HealthCube Trademark and solution belong to our partner HealthCubed India Pvt Ltd