Stanford Medicine Trial To Test Favipiravir For Treating COVID 19 Outpatients TC4A Partners With IMA Maharashtra To Share An Update For Indian Clinicians

Stanford Medicine trial to test favipiravir for treating COVID-19 outpatients | TC4A partners with IMA – Maharashtra to share an update for Indian clinicians

August 1, 2020. Stanford University (USA) researchers are launching a clinical trial to test whether favipiravir, an oral drug, can reduce the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of illness in people with COVID-19.

Tech Care for All and the Indian Medical Association of Maharashtra State have partnered to provide the latest information on this and other clinical trials of favipiravir currently taking place around the globe. Visit our Medical Learning Hub site HERE to learn more.

The Stanford researchers aim to enroll 120 participants who have been diagnosed with the disease but not hospitalized.

Favipiravir, an antiviral medication, was first approved to treat influenza in Japan. Researchers are hoping it will be effective in reducing the severity and duration of COVID-19, which could help limit spread of the coronavirus, said Aruna Subramanian, MD, clinical professor of medicine.
“We hope that this drug can help to reduce transmission within families, groups and schools,” said Subramanian, one of the investigators. “Plus, it would be really nice to have pills that can be given early on to make people get better faster.”

Aruna Subramanian is investigating the antiviral drug favipiravir, to see if it reduces symptoms and viral  shedding in COVID-19 patients.