Invivox And TC4A (Tech Care For All) Enter Into An Agreement Regarding The Continuing Training Of African Physicians

Training of local health professionals is a key to improving health in Africa.

Tech Care for All (TC4A) and Invivox have signed a partnership to facilitate continuing education of doctors in Africa. The idea of this partnership is to connect local physicians with the best local experts, for a better support of local populations.

An accelerator for sharing and transmitting medical skills

TC4A plans to open a dozen centers of excellence in Africa by the end of 2019, in order to train local doctors in Peer 2 Peer mode, the most effective training to learn according to physicians themselves. These centers will be African "Training hubs", just as Invivox creates training hubs in France, Europe and the United States.

According to Julien Delpech, CEO of Invivox,
"this partnership complements Invivox's geographical desire to democratize access to the best local specialists, all over the map."

As a reminder, the Invivox platform allows doctors from all over the world to learn from one another (medical companionship), and hospitals to better manage their training programs via the proprietary interface created by Invivox.

On his side, Emmanuel Blin, CEO of TC4A adds that "TC4A's ambition is to bring the best medical innovations to Africa, and I'm very proud to start building of our portfolio with Invivox, a proven technology that can accelerate medical expertise in Africa and Asia, and strive to be part of the Continuing Medical Education ecosystem, starting with Kenya, Senegal and India ".

Driven by the same conviction - true innovation is the one that brings human progress - TC4A and Invivox will work hand in hand for concrete solutions for the continuing training of physicians, a guarantee of better care for the populations.

As a reminder, Africa will have 2.3 billion inhabitants in 2050 and there will be more Nigerians than Americans on the planet at that time.


Continuing training of doctors is a real challenge of the 21st century according to the Academy of Surgery. Invivox addresses this challenge of real and practical need of doctors: training in Peer 2 Peer mode, at the location of the expert.

This training is the most demander by physicians.

Invivox has created a global platform that connects physicians to one another so that they can train in-person, on-site.

Invivox thus democratizes access to medical training and responds to a global health issue.

About TC4A: Tech Care for All

Forerunner in universal access to medical care, TC4A has the mission to import and support, in Africa and Asia in particular, the best technological innovations necessary for the progress of public health.

Key numbers about healthcare in Africa

A major medical training deficit

- Global shortage of 4.2 million health professionals in Africa. (WHO World Report 2016)

- Report of Specialists per inhabitant in Africa: 1/2081) (source: INSP)

- Number of specialized Surgeons: 4957 (Zone: Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria) (source: INSP)

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