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Going Digital: Creating Enabling Ecosystems For Digital Health

New York City, September 23, 2019. Healthcare is an enormous part of the human lifecycle. Access to adequate healthcare is enshrined by the global community as a basic human right. Yet 2 billion people across the planet lack basic access to quality healthcare, and of these, 70 percent live in Africa and India

The explosion of technology worldwide has led to fantastic developments in the digital healthcare space. The medical and pharmaceutical community has welcomed new-age apps, wearable devices, and medical-technology solutions to support health consumers all along their lifetime journey.

For the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly this week, Devex and Philips are bringing together something that's very close to our heart: a discussion on the integration of digital health into mainstream healthcare.

Our CEO, Emmanuel Blin, is pleased to be part of a distinguished panel of speakers on stage at the Devex event highlighting the crucial role of digital health in promoting Universal Health Coverage and transforming health outcomes, especially in emerging economies.