cm_theme~~ From philanthropy to sustainable business: Extending epilepsy care to millions

From Philanthropy To Sustainable Business: Extending Epilepsy Care To Millions

The Challenge
Across sub-Saharan Africa, millions of people live with the debilitating effects of epilepsy, unaware that they could be helped by medicine. Typically, people are not diagnosed for years after they first experience a seizure – on average, 8 years. In rural areas as many as 80 percent of those with epilepsy have never been diagnosed, sometimes believing instead that their seizures are the result of a curse or witchcraft. There is a huge need to raise awareness, fight stigma, and ensure that once identified, people living with epilepsy get correct, lifelong treatment.

TC4A Approach
A global pharma company sought to become a major contributor to improving epilepsy care in Africa. With a track record of philanthropy and CSR in brain health, the company wanted to transition to a sustainable, compassionate business model to reach 5 million patients by 2025. Tech Care for All partnered with company leaders to understand the epilepsy landscape and efforts already underway to meet the needs of people with epilepsy in African markets. Our team conducted extensive desk research and in-country interviews to describe population needs and current care pathways for diagnosis and treatment. We developed new market archetypes and go-to market models to ensure equitable and decentralized access to care for the broadest range of patients. 
Digital health was a core component, offering the promise of greater market penetration, better care for patients and significant cost savings. To suggest specific technologies, we developed roadmaps for use of digital health for epilepsy and conducted reviews of digital health tools suitable for settings with limited resources.

The Result
Transforming epilepsy care in low and lower-middle income countries requires a comprehensive approach, cross-sector partnerships and a long-term commitment. With exactly that long-term vision, and armed with the strategies to get there, our client is moving to make transformative, sustainable impacts on the lives of millions who live with epilepsy in Africa.