Covid-19 Africa Plays The EHealth Card

Tech Care for All, founding CEO Emmanuel Blin was recently interviewed in the prominent French magazine Le Point. In an article titled, Covid-19: Africa Plays the eHealth Card, he is quoted saying, "The vast majority of [African] governments have set up a digital commission in their plan to combat Covid-19. To help them in this process, they will be able to lean on the ecosystem of local start-ups, which is very strong in some countries.

Training and and connected diagnostics. "Training for health workers is one of the most important, if not the most important, benefits of eHealth in Africa," he continued. "Not only doctors, but also community health workers need to be able to detect and manage potential patients. This, in effect, prevents the spread of the epidemic.


Another very useful tool that eHealth can provide is connected testing. As fundamental as screening is preventing the spread of the coronavirus, it loses all usefulness if the data collected are not transmitted and centralized. "If we want to direct the fight against the epidemic and detect outbreaks, we need to set up a system for collecting information, for example through an application," says Blin.