Electronic Health Records

Tech Care for All serves healthcare providers with easy-to-use fully mobile electronic health records that aid in triaging, prioritizing, diagnosing, and monitoring patients. Our digital solutions work offline at the point-of-care to enable real-time care decision-making.

  • Providers and Physicians : Collect key patient data quickly and track workflow across the practice.
  • Medical Institutions and Hospitals : Cost-effectively expand services to large populations via community healthcare workers to facilitate a consultation with a physician.
  • Industry : Collect key demographic, epidemiologic and clinical data to support research.


iDeliver is the world's first purpose built maternity care technology platform that has been designed for low resource settings with the objective to improve quality of maternity care and optimize operations in maternity wards.

iDeliver assists healthcare workers in triaging, prioritizing, diagnosing, and monitoring patients. The application spans from ANC though delivery to post-natal care. It is a mobile, digital, point-of-care tool that enables real-time care decision-making.

iDeliver was developed through a partnership with VecnaCares, Merck for Mothers, Johns Hopkins University and Scope.

The iDeliver Trademark and solution belong to our partner Vecna Cares.



Slade 360 HealthCloud delivers interoperable connected software solutions for healthcare service providers and consumers.

The solutions help you interpret clinical records, enabling you to make informed decisions.

By understanding your data, we enable you to plan, improve and measure the effectiveness of your healthcare services.

Slade 360 HealthCloud was trademark and solution belong to our partner Savannah Informatics.